Clean Cold Brew Brand Quivr Now Available At Big Y Supermarkets Chain Wide

BOSTON, Mass. – Quivr nitro cold brew is now available in all seventy-one Big Y Supermarket locations serving Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Quivr’s relationship with Big Y started small in 2019, with just a couple select stores. The hope was that if people enjoyed Quivr and it sold well, they would be able to expand the relationship… Just twelve months later, Quivr true cold nitro products are available in all Big Y supermarkets chain wide.

Big Y is one of New England’s largest independent grocery chains and like Quivr it started from humble family beginnings. They began in 1936 in Chicopee, Massachusetts (less than ten miles from where Quivr was born). With strong values and an emphasis on providing an outlet for locally owned businesses, the Big Y Foods brand has grown into one of the largest grocery chains in the Massachusetts region, which is privately owned.

Big Y strives to provide “Only the best…”, which is auspicious; that is exactly what it says on Quivr cans. They have a great reputation for treating their staff, vendors, and customers with respect and kindness. Big Y is known as a “World Class Market” and sharing so many values, they were a natural choice for Quivr to branch out into traditional grocery.

Quivr is proud and excited to be able to provide a lot more places for you to pick up a true cold nitro coffee or nitro tea.? Finding success in Big Y stores has the potential to cement Quivr’s place as the go-to brand for people who enjoy truly fresh beverages.

Quivr’s nitro offerings include a nitro cold brew coffee and a nitro decaf cold brew version. The coffee beans are sourced and roasted by local experts Barrington Coffee Roasting Company in Lee, MA. Also, available at Big Y is Quivr’s nitro hibiscus ginger tea. The tea blend is steeped in small batches using only premium real food ingredients. All Quivr options are allergen free, dairy-free, sugar-free, and free of preservatives. Each variety is canned in 12-ounce servings and infused with nitrogen for a uniquely smooth, thirst-quenching experience.

Quivr Nitro Coffee, Nitro Hibiscus and Nitro Decaf Coffee can now be found in a front end fridge of all seventy-one Big Y stores!

Quivr is a clean cold brew brand that offers fresh, additive-free products. Founded by brothers and fitness-enthusiasts Ash Crawford and Mukunda Feldman, Quivr showcases a line of nitro cold brew refreshments free of preservatives, sugar and dairy. Quivr’s pure products are distributed by grocery chains such as Big Y, as well as by small businesses and fitness centers. Visit Quivr’s webpage to find out more about their true nitro cold brew subscription program.

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