Fluid Cold Brew Rebranding to Oaza

New York, NY – The team behind “Hydrate Your Coffee” has announced that beginning November 2020, their line of hydrating premium cold brew coffees is rebranding from Fluid Cold Brew to Oaza Cold Brew.??All aspects of their electrolyte-infused coffee drinks remain the same, with the exception of a new, more meaningful brand name. The name Oaza translates to Oasis to be more representative of their line of refreshing cold brews, which come in three flavors: Black, Oat Milk, and Cacao Mocha.

The CEO of Oaza, Jeff Burbank, expressed his company’s vision behind the rebranding: “We’re really excited about Oaza. While our purpose is unchanged to “Hydrate Your Coffee,” and that continues to be boldly emphasized on our packaging, we sought to have a more inclusive brand name that supports not just hydration but also our key value propositions of healthy ingredients, superior energy, and sustainability. An oasis is where you’ll find refreshment in a place you’d least expect, and that’s fitting for our product in the coffee space. Coffee is the least hydrating staple beverage, and the options currently available to consumers are also laden with sugar and calories. We make certain to cut all the unhealthy stuff out while tasting great and refreshing.”

The name rebranding comes on the heels of a successful product launch of the line of hydrating coffee drinks, debuting in New York City in the summer of 2020. The launch was primarily focused in Brooklyn and gained a loyal following with health-conscious and fitness-focused consumers looking for a healthier premium cold brew coffee.

Oaza is revolutionizing coffee with a product that is highly caffeinated with a premium coffee taste, and with the functional benefit of hydration through a blend of electrolytes similar to sports drinks. Oaza prides itself on using the highest quality ingredients with no added sugar, no additives, no artificial flavors, and 40 calories or less per can. With more consumers putting an emphasis on their overall health and wellness, Oaza products fill a need for hydrating and delicious drink options that can contribute to healthy lifestyles.

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